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Tango   Argentino   Berlin

Tango argentino lernen
tango schule berlin, Tango Argentino Berlin
tango argentino kurse in Berlin

Tango Traditional - Privat lessons and Courses

Tango Argentino Berlin

A journey into the sensuality of the Tango Milonguero

Tango Argentino Berlin

Wolfgang and partner lead you on your way into the culture of Tango Argentino in Berlin, as it is danced and lived in Buenos Aires. In my tango course or private lessons, you learn and experience the art of leading and following, disover passion, closeness, sensuality and much more.
Learning Tango Argentino in Berlin is easy, simple and fast. There is not only the
Tango Argentino and the Tango Traditional of the milonguero dancer, but also new contacts, new friends, a new lifestyle for you.

Your goal: To dance Tango Argentino in the Estilo Milonguero, like they dance in Buenos Aires. It can be reached fast and inexpensively! Start your way with me !

"Our desires are preconceptions of the skills that are within us"    (J. W. Goethe)

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