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Every year I spend several weeks in Buenos Aires and meet old dancers (milongueros) who teach me their secrets and show me things that NO other teachers or show dancers spread into the world. I try to pass on a lot of it to my pupils so that it will not be lost with the traditional milongueros in the world. The Tango in Berlin is enriched by it!


1.  Privat Lesson      -  An individual lesson (solo) costs 50€ (reduced 40€). More expensive does not mean                                       better classes. Cheap price ! Intesive training !  very fast success garanteed !                                                    Tango Argentino Berlin in milonguerostyle like in Buenos Aires !     

                                      A privatelesson for a couple costs only 50 €. And allways will be taught womens                                            technics with elegance.                                       



2.  The course           -  One hour of the course costs 14 € (11 €) per person for a lessen of 60 up to 75      

                                          minutes. A block of 10 lessons must be booked in the beginning.

                                      A trial lesson in the course costs 20 €.

                                      Free places left in the course !

Focus: The dance style of the old milongueros in Buenos Aires, tango milonguero, milonguero style.

Tango Unterricht in Berlin

There are several ways to find the access to the Tango culuture

1. Privart lessons,          2. Workshops,          3.  Courses


Attention ! A practica is no ways! A room for practicing is made available for a practica in Buenos Aires because the apartments are too small for training. A teacher for questions is allways present. As a rule, however, this remains unsuccessful to learn Tango.


1. The private lesson - The fastest and therefore cheapest way to success. A teacher is by YOUR side.


2. The workshop - A special tango topic is taught. With previous knowledge (e.g. from private lessons) a technique is learned and / or secured here. A teacher is available for up to 10 couples. If there are more than 10 pairs, a teacher no longer has an overview of all and mistakes are practiced. Time and money are badly invested in groups that are too large.

3. The course - Again, care should be taken that no more than 10 couples participate. Otherwise errors are practiced with certainty, which later have to be corrected with a lot of time and costs. Course hours should build on one another in their topics and be structured. If you are offered a new figure every week, you have landed in the wrong place. Courses are the slowest way to succes and therefore you have to spend a lot of time and money.

Further information, questions  registration, ...      or     0172 160 52 56

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